Month: February 2014

Resonant Frequency Classic #042: Return of the Feedback Feedbag

The much anticipated and long awaited episode 42 of Resonant Frequency has arrived. This time we had so much feedback that is all we had time for but there is some good stuff in there. give it a listen. Our music is provided by IODA Promonet: Magic Slim and the Teardrops “Do You Mean It”…

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T&L Episode 15: Insecure Python

Taking a look at a couple of older topics that were sitting in the bin: GPAC for video editing and gfontview. On top of that, exploration of developments in Python regarding its HTTP libraries and the Debian kafuffle re: init systems. Also, an open invitation to participate in my new film review segment. Thanks for …

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Resonant Frequency Classic #041: Going Mobile. Thanks Dave.

Ok folks here we go we were down and out for a while but we are back for now spread the word. The website has moved to and please send all your feedback to Our music is provided by IODA Promonet: Mark Hummel “Funky Way” (mp3) from “Retro-Active” (Electro-Fi Records) Buy at Napster…

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T&L Episode 14: Microsoft Wins

In this long-awaited installment of Tech & Loathing, I address listener feedback from a long time ago. And then I ask the unthinkable question: Has Microsoft won? You be the judge. And if you have an opinion, please let me know what it is. Thanks for tuning in after my long hiatus. I plan to …

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LHS Episode #123: Busted for Jaycasting

Hello, folks! It’s February 2014, and we finally announce the winner of our Raspberry Pi contest! But before all that excitement, we have a great interview with a fellow radio amateur. Around that, we have news and information about the usual suspects, and covering it all is a thick layer of fun. Thanks for tuning […]