Aug 22

T&L Episode 10: Listener Feedback

The QSK Netcast has undergone a radical transformation. The content of the show will remain the same, but the outward appearance now better reflects what the show is all about. We have become the Tech & Loathing Netcast, and there are some new features. Just like other netcasts that I do, there will be a live broadcast of new episodes every other Tuesday night at 8:00pm Central.

In order to kick off this new era, I have gone back through the archives and pulled out all the listener feedback that has been generated up to now. Some of it is a bit old but no less relevant and no less interesting or fun. Thanks for being a listener and I look forward to bringing you more great content in the upcoming weeks and months.

OGG File MD5SUM: 9a937ab0c0f7c9b563191a009f66eeca

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