Feb 25

T&L Episode 15: Insecure Python

Taking a look at a couple of older topics that were sitting in the bin: GPAC for video editing and gfontview. On top of that, exploration of developments in Python regarding its HTTP libraries and the Debian kafuffle re: init systems. Also, an open invitation to participate in my new film review segment. Thanks for listening!

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Feb 10

T&L Episode 14: Microsoft Wins

In this long-awaited installment of Tech & Loathing, I address listener feedback from a long time ago. And then I ask the unthinkable question: Has Microsoft won? You be the judge. And if you have an opinion, please let me know what it is. Thanks for tuning in after my long hiatus. I plan to stick around this time.

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Feb 10

T&L Episode 14 Live

Nov 14

T&L Episode 13: Remote Desktop Protocols

Hey listeners, another episode of Tech & Loathing is now on tap. A couple of IRC friends have joined me tonight to discuss a couple of topics. For Loathing we have Android vs. iOS and all of my frustrations with the world of mobile computing. For Tech we have a look at RDP, VNC and running applications and desktop environments remotely, either securely via SSH or VPN or insecurely using X Forwarding and other techniques. Hope everyone enjoys the show.

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