T&L Episode 13: Remote Desktop Protocols

Hey listeners, another episode of Tech & Loathing is now on tap. A couple of IRC friends have joined me tonight to discuss a couple of topics. For Loathing we have Android vs. iOS and all of my frustrations with the world of mobile computing. For Tech we have a look at RDP, VNC and running applications and desktop environments remotely, either securely via SSH or VPN or insecurely using X Forwarding and other techniques. Hope everyone enjoys the show.

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  1. Interesting episode, it is a topic not often discussed.
    I used Remmina when working out of a law firm branch in New York and having to connect to a Windows machine in Great Britain for access to my accounting systems. I found that Remmina particularly shines when it comes to getting the local network printers to work – I needed to print my invoices and documentation from the remote system on my local printer. Remmina made that very easy and showed me the info on how the printer was known to the system, and once I only needed to access one particular machine, I set up a connect button with an Rdesktop command calling the ports, the protocol, my login info – and using the info I learned from Remmina to set up the printer correctly.

  2. I learned a lot when this was syndicated on HPR. I was especially suprised to learn the many ways RDP is superior to VNC. I was disapointed not to find links or at least a list of the tools mentioned in the article, however I think these articles will cover most of them. http://www.techradar.com/us/news/software/applications/7-of-the-best-linux-remote-desktop-clients-716346 http://www.mynitor.com/2010/02/07/15-remote-desktop-solutions-for-linux/

  3. My wife and I both have Samsung Galaxy S4’s that we contract through AT&T.
    Overall we are pretty happy with the phones, Android (4.3), and even the AT&T coverage in our area.

    Remina is excellent!!!
    Have used it often to remote from my home Linux box to the Windows server & network at work.
    Starting to learn ssh, which as you say is a whole other set of topics and episodes.

    ~~~~~ waves to Morten!

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