T&L Episode 9: OwnCloud + WebDAV

I’ve been on the hunt for a Dropbox killer application. I never really liked having my data stored in the “cloud,” but Dropbox was so incredibly convenient it was hard to see a way out. Over the past few months, I’ve heard a lot of interesting things about OwnCloud. It certainly seemed like the way forward: A place where I could keep all of my data on my own machines and make sure it wasn’t somebody else’s silver lining. But to be honest, OwnCloud didn’t seem that promising until I discovered it’s WebDAV abilities. When you put OwnCloud and WebDAV together, you get awesomeness. That is what this episode of the QSK Netcast is all about.

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T&L Episode 8: The Zen of FreeNAS

This episode is a recording of my talk from SELF 2011. I discuss the BSD-based FreeNAS server, focusing on version 7, from install to functionality. I believe there is a place in every home for a FreeNAS server. Have a listen to this episode to see what it can do for you.

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T&L Episode 7: What Privacy?

I did a guest appearance on an episode of a podcast hosted by Steve Cherubino which shall remain nameless for…purposes. But since the topic of discussion was both interesting and in some cases me, I couldn’t let the audio go to waste. So here is the interview. We talked about my computing past, the concepts of cloud computing, and where our privacy has gone and is going as we proceed into our technological future. Thanks for downloading and listening. Don’t forget to send in your feedback. I promise I’ll respond to it in an upcoming Tech & Loathing episode. I just can’t promise which one.

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T&L Episode 6: The Origin of Open Source

This episode of the Tech & Loathing is the audio recording of my talk at Ohio Linux Fest 2010 entitled “The Origin of Open Source.”  The talk turned into a strange but, I think, interesting melange of Open Source philosophy, history, sociology and religion.  The biggest problem was the poor audio recording equipment used in a very large room so the audio many be difficult to understand in a few places.  I did what I could to clean it up using Audacity, but it’s simply not great.  Hope everyone enjoys it, though.  I’m going to attempt to put up written transcripts of all my episodes starting very soon.

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