T&L Episode 13: Remote Desktop Protocols

Hey listeners, another episode of Tech & Loathing is now on tap. A couple of IRC friends have joined me tonight to discuss a couple of topics. For Loathing we have Android vs. iOS and all of my frustrations with the world of mobile computing. For Tech we have a look at RDP, VNC and running applications and desktop environments remotely, either securely via SSH or VPN or insecurely using X Forwarding and other techniques. Hope everyone enjoys the show.

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T&L Episode 12: Guns (Part 1)

While some episodes of the show are “tech” based and others are “loathing” based, this one is a little bit of both. Being a new inductee into the wild world of guns, I decide to have a round-table discussion about the matter with a few friends from the Internet. The first half of the discussion revolves around the technical and very interesting mechanics of firearms, while the second half delves into the emotions and politics of gun ownership and more. I’m looking forward to a follow-up episode on this topic where we have more input from both sides of the issue. I believe it’s important that we stay informed and be aware of all angles of this particular subject.

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T&L Episode 11: The Word Police (Part 1)

I know it may be hard to believe, but there’s another new episode of Tech & Loathing. I feel revitalized. There are a ton of new topics on the horizon that I already have planned out, and I think my desire to make this podcast into something worth listening to are going to come to fruition. In this episode, my good friend Broam and I discuss some of the fallacies and foibles of the English language, make a few enemies and generally have a ripping good time. This discussion of pet peeves and bad grammar went so well, we’re already planning for the next one. Thank you to all my listeners who’ve stuck it out. Please let your friends and their friends know about the new and improved T&L Netcast. The future’s so bright, I’m already wearing shades.

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T&L Episode 10: Listener Feedback

The QSK Netcast has undergone a radical transformation. The content of the show will remain the same, but the outward appearance now better reflects what the show is all about. We have become the Tech & Loathing Netcast, and there are some new features. Just like other netcasts that I do, there will be a live broadcast of new episodes every other Tuesday night at 8:00pm Central.

In order to kick off this new era, I have gone back through the archives and pulled out all the listener feedback that has been generated up to now. Some of it is a bit old but no less relevant and no less interesting or fun. Thanks for being a listener and I look forward to bringing you more great content in the upcoming weeks and months.

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