Month: November 2012

LHS Episode #095: I Has the Dumb

Richard called this one of our best efforts to date, which means there must be some kind of worthwhile contained buried in all the tomfoolery somewhere. If you can find it, you’ll be that much wiser for whatever it is we discussed. Silliness aside, we discuss some proposed FCC rule changes for the amateur radio […]

T&L Episode 13: Remote Desktop Protocols

Hey listeners, another episode of Tech & Loathing is now on tap. A couple of IRC friends have joined me tonight to discuss a couple of topics. For Loathing we have Android vs. iOS and all of my frustrations with the world of mobile computing. For Tech we have a look at RDP, VNC and …

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LHS Episode #094: Arsenic and Old Pi

The latest episode of LHS is upon you! Prepare to be astounded, mesmerized, blown away and flabbergasted. If none of that happens, perhaps you’ll be entertained and informed. In a music-less episode, we somehow manage to get through without stumbling–more or less. Our foray begins in the world of Linux and computing with some tips […]

LHS Episode #093: Eating Crackers in Bed

Hello and welcome to a very late release of LHS Episode #093. Recorded about a month ago, I finally found the time to get this one edited and put out so the world can experience it. I’d like to thank our loyal listeners for their patience, and I sincerely hope that this episode stands up […]