Month: February 2013

LHS Episode #100: The Centennial

Hello, everyone. This is the 100th installment of Linux in the Ham Shack. Some may have doubted that we would ever get this far. Some may be delighted. Some may be dismayed. Whatever feelings you may have on the matter, we have arrived. Please be advised that there is little in the way of Linux […]

Resonant Frequency Classic #015: Linux in the Ham Shack

This episode is a re-issue of the original Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast which began in 2006 as a project for Elmering new Hams by way of the Internet. Richard KB5JBV and Resonant Frequency continue to enlighten and teach new Hams today. Many of the more successful Amateur Radio Podcast today can trace their…

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LHS Episode #099: Thorpe Your Octo

We are one episode away from the century mark. It’s with a great deal of pride that we, the hosts of Linux in the Ham Shack, present to you our 99tieth episode. We would love to have some audio feedback from as many of our listeners as we can get that we can air on […]

Resonant Frequency Classic #014: I’m told you have a long wire!

Read a couple of emails with some really good information and a couple of tips on bnc connectors and a couple of other things. Talked for a few minutes about Icoms D-Star digital system. If you would like to contact me via D-Star the local repeater here is NT5RN and the port I monitor is…

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