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T&L Episode 14: Microsoft Wins

In this long-awaited installment of Tech & Loathing, I address listener feedback from a long time ago. And then I ask the unthinkable question: Has Microsoft won? You be the judge. And if you have an opinion, please let me know what it is. Thanks for tuning in after my long hiatus. I plan to …

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T&L Episode 9: Show Notes

OwnCloud and WebDAV OwnCloud http://owncloud.org Requires a Web server like Apache or nginx Needs PHP support In nginx, this is handled through FastCGI Native support is available in packages for Debian, Fedora, etc. Easy-to-read installation instructions for standard installs http://owncloud.org/support/setup-and-installation/linux-server/ Can be installed on Windows and MacOS X as well Supports file sharing via the …

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T&L Episode 9: OwnCloud + WebDAV

I’ve been on the hunt for a Dropbox killer application. I never really liked having my data stored in the “cloud,” but Dropbox was so incredibly convenient it was hard to see a way out. Over the past few months, I’ve heard a lot of interesting things about OwnCloud. It certainly seemed like the way …

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